Inspired by the Tiny House Movement sweeping the globe, Australian builder James Galletly teamed up with Marickville’s Bower Rescue and Repair Centre to create ‘The Tiny’ – a two by two-and-a-half metres solar powered dwelling made from recycled materials.

The miniature one-bedroom unit was built to expose Sydney residents to the concept of tiny houses, which advocates living in small spaces as an antidote to high property prices and consumerism.

Put together in 3 months, The Tiny is made from an assortment of recycled materials salvaged from junkyards, including reclaimed zinc alum, corrugated iron, cedar weatherboards, and hardwood fence palings. 

A combination of earth wool, polyester batts, and pink patts make up the wall insulation, while a reflective foil lined air-cell insulates the ceiling.

Inside the unit is a range of space-saving foldaway furniture, storage and an LED lighting system powered by solar energy.

The whole structure sits atop a 6x8 box trailer so it can be considered as a temporary structure and avoid council regulations that prohibit how small a home can be.

Galletly is planning to expand the Tiny House Movement in Australia through a startup business building the structures with recycled materials.

Courtesy The Upcyclist and Inhabitat