The quality of design is no doubt at the top of any architecture firm’s list of priorities. While the importance of design to an architect is in no way under question, sometimes this all-consuming focus can come at the expense of other self-promoting practices. For instance, brand marketing.

This week, the Association of Consulting Architects (ACA) will be holding a webinar with the aims of broadening architects’ promotional horizons. The online educational series will explore why brand management and general marketing is important to an architecture firm’s success.

Held around the country on Wednesday 21 June, the ACA webinar is the first of a two-part series led by Lindy Johnson. Johnson owns her own marketing, PR and business development company, which specifically targets Australian architects and designers.

The first webinar will provide architects with ways to successfully compete on brand and practical marketing strategies. The second webinar, scheduled for 23 August, will look at business development.

The webinar will be hosted by a number of ACA members across Australia. More information and bookings can be found here.