The 2017 National Emerging Architecture Prize, awarded as part of the National Conference, has this year gone to Anthony Balsamo.

Balsamo is an architect and associate director at Walter Brooke, the Adelaide-based firm behind Brickworks, Pulteney Grammar School Performing Arts and Senior School, the Australian Federal Police Headquarters and the Adelaide Oval redevelopment, among others.

Balsamo has been working on a range of private and public projects at Walter Brooke since he graduated with First Class Honours from the University of Adelaide in 2003. Several of these projects have been recognised on a national level by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA).

This year’s prize was awarded to Balsamo in recognition of the contribution he’s made already in his career to design excellence and industry leadership. In addition to his work at Walter Brook, Balsamo was responsible for co-founding the New Architects Group, an organisation that provides support for young and emerging architects. Since being founded in 2004, this initiative has been expanded into a series of smaller groups around the country, under what is now called the Emerging Architects and Graduates Network (EmAGN).

Other achievements include being co-creative director at the Festival of Architecture and Design, acting as board member of ArtSembly, working as SA chapter councillor at the AIA, and creating the Design Festival in association with the Adelaide City Council. Balsamo also teaches at the University of Adelaide.