The ‘Street Capture’ project reclaims anonymous graffiti and uses it to create unique and edgy pieces of furniture.

Working on the streets of southern Tel Aviv in Israel, a team from the Ariel Zuckerman Studio attached wooden boards to walls, with the purpose of supplying a clean canvas for graffiti artists.

Those involved in the initiative did not communicate the intent of the canvases, instead choosing to see how the project evolved naturally and allowing graffiti artists to work anonymously.

After several nights they returned to discover vibrant art layering the boards, which they then removed and took back to a workshop.

From there, the graffiti panels were transformed into one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture.

So far in the ongoing series, the Ariel Zuckerman Studio have produced a dresser - titled ‘Zerifin 35’ after the street address of the wooden board - along with bedside chests and a table.

Ariel Zuckerman presented the Street Capture project as part of Designboom’s ‘DIY Submissions’.  

Watch the video below to see the process involved in the Street Capture project.

Courtesy Ariel Zuckerman Studio and Designboom