A local cladding manufacturer has launched a recycling program designed to help miminise building industry waste. 

Cladding manufacturer Aodeli Australia says its Aodeli Recycling Program (ARP) is aimed at providing a safe and responsible solution for the recycling of non-compliant aluminium composite panels that are being removed from various buildings across the country.

With non-compliant cladding lasting significantly less than it was designed for, there is a waste build-up that continues to rise of both the panels and installation costs, as well as the energy and resources used to make the panels, the company says.

The aim of the ARP, the company says, is to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill by offering customers a full, safe and responsible solution for the recycling of these materials. Materials are collected directly from the building site or installer yard and transported back to the recycling plant where they are correctly processed to separate the aluminium from the combustible material. The aluminium is then recycled for use in other manufacturing material.

“The main focus amongst the construction industry has been on the recladding of buildings identified around Australia as having non-compliant cladding. However, the knock-on effect of this is that we are now seeing the removal of hundreds of thousands of square metres of combustible cladding with no clear plan in place to recycle this and stop it ending up in landfill,” General Manager, Wayne Saunders says. 

“At the heart of our recycling program is the drive to see these products circle back and be used as alternative solutions in the construction phase of other recladding projects. As a responsible manufacturer of compliant and fire-safe cladding, Aodeli are keen to provide a solution to this new problem being faced by the construction industry as well as being of benefit to the environment.”

Image: https://www.eldan-recycling.com/en/aluminium-recycling-input-and-output