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    An internet forum for fans of Wes Anderson’s fantastical architecture

    Kirsty Sier

    An internet forum has sprung up on Reddit dedicated to the fantastical, pastel-hued architecture of Wes Anderson.

    The subreddit, called ‘Accidental Wes Anderson’ (/r/AccidentalWesAnderson), is a dedicated fan club for real-life architectural photography. Submissions on everything from rambling hotels to painted city blocks to ancient staircases recall the vibrant palettes and chimerical landscapes of Wes Anderson films.

    Architectural photographers are invited to make submissions of scenes and images from the everyday that blur the line between the real and surreal – a hallmark of the director’s singular style.

    Even for the non-photographers and non-architects among us, the images posted in Accidental Wes Anderson read like stills from one of the director’s nostalgia-riddled films. A quick scroll through the evocative photos is a workday way to find inspiration without carving out two whole hours on the couch.









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