The Australian Institute of Architects announces a new seminar on zero emissions architecture as part of the National Seminar Series.

Consisting of a selection of high-quality seminars delivered across Australia, the series covers topics addressing each of the competency standards including design, documentation, project delivery and practice management.

The latest seminar in the series, The Architecture of Zero Emissions Housing, will be held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and will address the challenge currently facing the world today about creating a living future that is “culturally rich, socially just and ecologically restorative”. The architectural profession can have a crucial role in this opportunity to ensure good standards of living for all, with smart housing a great place to start.

To be presented by Caroline Pidcock, the seminar will address the leading approaches to zero emission housing around the world and how these could affect Australian directions in the future. This seminar will also explore how integrated design teams and responses are integral to achieving these goals.



The seminar will be held on 2 August, 9:00am - 11:30am at the Victorian Chapter, Level 2, 41 Exhibition St, Melbourne, VIC. Register prior COB 1 August.


The seminar will be held on 4 August, 9:00am - 11:30am at the NSW Chapter, Tusculum, 3 Manning St, Potts Point, NSW. Register prior COB 3 August.


The seminar will be held on 11 August, 9:00am - 11:30am at the Queensland Chapter, Level 1, 70 Merivale St, South Brisbane, QLD. Register prior COB 10 August.


2 August, 9:00am - 11:30am AEST. Register prior COB 1 August.


After completing this course, attendees will be able to describe the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council’s (ASBEC) definition of zero emission buildings; identify some of the leading approaches to zero emission buildings around the world; discuss the likely Australian regulations that might be developed; discuss the importance of an integrated team approach; describe the process for selecting the most appropriate materials; and assess some of the important attributes detailing needs to achieve.


Refuel: 2 Formal CPD points; GreenStar CPD Program: GBCA 2 CPD points