South Australia has proposed building a $44 million Community Hub that would create 150 new jobs as one way of bringing Adelaide into the new post-Holden era.

The centrepiece would be the redevelopment of the Salisbury City Centre, near to the now-closed General Motors engine plant.

Known as the Community Hub, it is part of the more than $1.8 billion in development proposals that are currently underway or proposed in the region.

While the direct economic impact of the construction works on the Community Hub is estimated at over $32 million, this is calculated to lead to an extra $27 million in additional demand for intermediate goods and services.

“The Community Hub will be a multi-use facility for every age group and multi-cultural background to access the latest community services and information resources. Locals can engage in recreational, performance and artistic activities where the Community Hub will be a symbol of optimism and positivity in the region,” Salisbury mayor Gillian Aldridge says. 

“We saw the strategic opportunity to replace our reliance on traditional manufacturing by attracting a broader range of businesses and industries more suited to the new economy,” she says.

“This includes medium to larger enterprises in the defence, food, health, information technology, pharmaceutical and transport/logistics sector, as well as small to medium service start-ups in the digital communication, home service and disability sector.”

Currently, there are $163 million in new business projects proposed for the City of Salisbury but not yet commenced, as well as $140 million in projects lodged for development assessment and $51 million of projects that have received development approval but are yet to commence. 

This is on top of $1.4 billion of new projects that have already commenced, according to reports.