Adelaide has been chosen by the European Union as the latest partner in the EU World Cities project. The programme, which is managed by the Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO), aims to facilitate the exchange of information and best practice on regional and urban development policy issues.

Currently, the European Union is selecting cities that exemplify smart and sustainable policy from around the world. The chosen cities will then share their experiences and best practice with regards to such topics as urban innovation, green development, integrated urban-rural development and start-up policy.

Adelaide was seen to exemplify a smart city for various initiatives throughout the capital that were in-line with World Cities sustainability agenda. For instance, Adelaide has previously launched an ‘Internet of Things’ innovation hub with Cisco, and the City of Adelaide recently launched the Ten Gigabit City project with the aim of transforming the entire capital into a high-speed internet zone.

Recognising Adelaide’s selection by the EU, climate change minister Ian Hunter pointed to the city’s efforts to embrace a low-carbon economy as a sign of its innovation.

“The world is taking action to limit carbon pollution and it is great to see Adelaide recognised for its leadership in emissions reduction and renewable energy,” said Hunter.

Adelaide’s Lord Mayor Martin Haese said the program would bring much welcome global attention to the city:

“It will demonstrate to the world our capacity to embrace new technology and explore great ideas, as well as provide an opportunity for the City of Adelaide to be a global leader in sustainability and responding to environmental change.”