Coronation Property and Woods Bagot says its future 8 Phillip Street project, located in Parramatta, has progressed excellently in the first quarter of 2024, reaching the 16th level of the 55-storey tower.

Reaching the 16th level means that the structure of the hotel within the mixed-use precinct is now complete. Some of the glass facade has already been applied to the lower levels and is visible from the street, with each floor consisting of 120 panels, which takes approximately a week to install.

Woods Bagot Director Dominic Alvaro says that the practice has endeavoured to create a viable living alternative to Sydney.

“This building will stand tall, honouring the heritage below, and making a bold statement about Parramatta spirit and vitality. With the facade now being installed, you can see the contrast that has been achieved between the copper and the soft gray glazing panel,” he says in a recently published construction update on YouTube.

A unique reverse-step podium allows for the public domain to be extended, creating a community hub that fuses both local heritage and modern vibrance. The new tower frames the existing heritage dwellings below, as the new tower emanates upward from the existing church spire.

Coronation says the construction team are continuing to move forward with ongoing structural activities fit out and facade works to ensure the project's functionality and aesthetic appeal. The second quarter will see the completion of all structure to the hotel floors and commencing residential apartment floors.