The University of New South Wales (UNSW) campus will have Danish architects 3XN serve the cross-facility with a design-focus on sustainability and resilience.

As the vision for the project has been publicly announced by 3XN as a “welcoming campus gateway”, it will fittingly serve as a new entrance point to UNSW.

The endeavour to nurture its social and cross-faculty characteristics, will see 3XN cultivate its inherent philosophy that ‘architecture shapes behaviour’.

The building is set to be located on the north-east edge of the university’s main campus in Kensington.

Alongside a new light rail station opening adjacent to the building, increased traffic flow through the area to which 3XN is offering a unique solution to accommodate pedestrian traffic.

Kim Herforth Nielsen, founder and creative director of 3XN says, “We are more international than ever, and the Australian market offers great opportunities for us. With this project, we add our first Australian educational facility to our diverse portfolio in the region."

The internal aspect of the project will see six distinct teaching and learning environments, common student facilities, event and exhibition space, workplaces, supporting and ancillary facilities and amenities.

The learning environment will be an interdisciplinary collaborative and inspirational space with an open design concept.

The building will be further designed with a focus on resilience and environmental sustainability, with the project set to enhance UNSW’s learning environment, anticipating students to “be able to observe and learn from each other in new ways.”

Image: Supplied