An industrial design graduate from Switzerland’s ECAL university has produced a dual-nozzled faucet that combines the functionally of a standard tap with a drinking fountain.

Alice Spieser 3D-printed the ‘Down Up’ tap with two angled spouts - one that projects water upwards and another that pushes it down into the sink.

The direction of water flow is controlled by the tap user’s finger, which can be used to cover the down facing nozzle, forcing the water to spurt upwards instead.

Left uncovered, the water relies on gravity to naturally flow through the downspout over the sink for hand washing.

Blocking this stream turns the tap into water fountain, allowing users to rinse their mouths or take a drink without the need for a glass.

The only moving parts on the faucet are found in the disk that lifts from the top to control the water pressure and temperature.

The charcoal-grey tap is made from a plastic resin and formed by 3D-printing.

Courtesy Dezeen