You know Philippe Starck of course, the French architect The Guardian once called "the most overexposed designer in the world". But, do you really know him?

Widely respected for his innovation and environmental awareness, Starck is responsible for the CafĂ© Costes interiors in Paris (completed 1984), and more recently, a glazed and aluminium two-storey prototype structure powered by wind and solar that he will take up residence in (pictured below).

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In 1999, Starck launched a residential and hotel design company named YOO, in collaboration with John Hitchcox. The vision was to improve the quality of people's lives through design and great place-making. In 2002, he opened YOO Meta in Surry Hills, Australia; the only Starck-designed residential project that offered a fresh and unique approach to interiors never before seen in the country.

^YOO Meta

His fame however, isn't limited to just architecture and interior design. From watches and toothbrushes to a bathroom tapware collection for Just Bathroomware, Starck popularised the concept of democratic design, favouring mass-produced consumer goods over exclusive pieces and seeking ways to make them more affordable.

Kontenta, a designer furniture retailer based in the UK, has created an infographic highlighting the 20 facts that helped Starck become world famous.

Infographic original source: Kontenta