Owner/architects, Adrian Iredale and Caroline Di Costa have transformed their 1930s Perth property into a passively cooled modern home using technology based on the Australian ‘Coolgardie Safe’ refrigeration device.

The Coolgardie Safe was invented a number of years ago as a way to keep a miner's food and drink cool at work.

It operates when a water-soaked canvas bag comes into contact with the air, which evaporates the water in the bag and cools the interior of the safe and the contents inside.

Iredale and Di Costa are utilising a similar concept at their Casa 31_4 Room House, where water is automatically drip-fed by a reticulation system from overhead onto fabric that doubles up as a privacy screen and sun shield.

When the damp fabric comes into contact with a breeze, it in turn cools the home’s interior space.

Other energy-reducing measures incorporated in the renovation included low-energy light fittings, a solar hot water system, roof-bound solar panels, and windows placed so as to maximize cross ventilation and winter heat gain.

Casa 31_4 Room House’s blend of modern and traditional architectural design will be on display during the Australian Institute of Architects' 2014 Perth-based National Architecture Conference this May.

Casa 31_4 Room House viewed from the street 

Casa 31_4 Room House backyard and facade renovations

Courtesy Gizmag