The iconic “Beverley Hills” apartment complex in South Yarra will receive a new lease of life under a new “100-year” restoration plan.

The 44 shareholders in the heritage listed 44-unit complex are committed to ensuring that Beverley Hills not only retains its notable standing in the community but is in fact restored to even greater glory.

Designed and built in the mid-1930s by renowned architect and developer, Howard Lawson, the Beverley Hills buildings at 61-65 Darling Street were highlights of a wave of stylish apartment construction undertaken across Melbourne and Sydney in the early 20th century.  

“We are restoring the complex from bottom to top and, as part of the program, we will ensure it does not stray from its unique Spanish Mission Exotica style,” says Don Bennetts, managing director of Beverley Hills Darling Street.

“The significance of the ‘Exotica’ reference is to Lawson’s use of recycled materials from former Toorak mansions during the depression years and the repurposing of stained glass windows, wrought iron rails and garden features.”

Peter Orton, another Beverley Hills director, says the “100-year” restoration program was aimed at rebuilding the apartment complex and thereby retaining its unique art deco features, as displayed in the stunning ‘Hollywood’ style swimming pool.

“We are well aware of the cultural significance of the complex to the Melbourne community and we want this status to be carried through well into the 22nd Century and beyond – thus our 100-year rebuilding strategy,” says Orton.