MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania, has applied for planning approval of their ambitious hotel project, Motown to the Crown Land Services and Glenorchy City Council.

The project is a design collaboration between MONA founder David Walsh and Nonda Katsalidis, founder of architecture firm Fender Katsalidis.

Designed as a 5-star, 176-room hotel, the $400-million development will also feature a 1075-seat theatre, a new large capacity, multipurpose conference centre, a spa designed by artists James Turrell and Marina Abramović, playgrounds designed by Toshiko MacAdam, Tom Otterness and Daily tous les jours, more gallery space, office space for MONA staff and a library to house an impressive collection of books, maps and documents.

“Since I presented a preliminary proposal in 2017, a great deal, including the name has changed. In particular, the facade has been altered to present more harmoniously with the exterior of the museum,” Walsh says.

MONA is working towards a completion date in 2024. The museum will stay open throughout the construction of Motown.

Mark Wilsdon, Co-CEO, MONA said: “We envisage that the new development will operate as part of the MONA experience, which has a foundation on the integration of art and performance in conjunction with hospitality, food and beverage.

"Motown will build on and expand this complete visitor experience. This will be great for MONA’s sustainability, and – more broadly – Tasmanians, who we expect will reap the ensuing tourism, social and economic benefits of the development.”

MONA is also working with Glenorchy City Council and neighbouring organisations to minimise disruption to the site and surrounding areas during construction.

Once approval is granted by Crown Land Services, the development application assessment process will begin with Glenorchy City Council. Members of the public will then have the opportunity to comment.

MONA will host a community information session on David Walsh’s plans for Motown on Monday 17 December 6pm–7pm at Eros and Thanatos (located under The Source restaurant), MONA, 655 Main Road Berriedale.

Image courtesy of Fender Katsalidis and MONA