This product review is the third part of the 'Clear Alternatives: Highly Visible Railing and Balustrade Options' series. For Part 1, which looks at glass balustrades, please click HERE. For Part 2, which examines other highly visible balustrading systems, please click HERE.

Outdoor living spaces are very much a feature of contemporary residential and commercial projects these days. Whether it is the deck of a house, or an alfresco dining area of a restaurant, these outdoor areas are increasingly sanctioned as extensions of the main building.

Many of these spaces feature railings or balustrades for safety requirements. However, these physical barriers can sometimes go against the open-plan aesthetic and lifestyle that have gained popularity over the last few decades.

Here are five products that not only offer structural performance, but are also suitable for outdoor living designs that seek to achieve an open plan aesthetic with unhindered views or minimal visual interruptions.

AxiLume AFG Post from Axiom Group

The latest Axiom product in the AxiLume range, the AFG Post is a front glaze post that allows the glass to extend past the top of the handrail, and down past the slab edge. It is 85mm x 50mm in size, and relatively small when compared to similar products on the market. Using the AxiLume Alpha suite, which utilises A-Grade Toughened Safety Glass and goes through a Heatsoak test, the AFG Post is a fully engineered and compliant product.

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CRL Taper-Loc frameless glass system by C.R. Laurence

Designed for quick and easy installations, the Dry Glaze TAPER-LOC Glass balustrade system by C.R Laurence is used for toughened or toughened laminated glass 12mm to 25.52mm thick. It has no need for wet cement, reducing the installation time by 50 per cent. The absence of posts from this system means that the balustrades are able to provide a clean and unobstructed appearance. The glass is secured in an aluminium U-channel or base shoe, which is later clad with stainless steel cover plates to complete the look, and projected vertically. The cover plates are available in a series of finishes, including brushed stainless, polished stainless, or stain anodised.

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Curved toughened structural laminated glass by Bent & Curved Glass

Toughened structural laminated glass by Bent & Curved Glass facilitates fully frameless balustrade systems without the need for a toprail or handrail. This engineered solution incorporates a structural interlayer allowing a seamless, virtually invisible balustrade without compromising safety, function or performance. Views are uninterrupted, while the sense of space is enhanced.

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Grade 316 stainless steel wire rope from Bridco

With a higher corrosion resistance than Grade 304 stainless steel, Grade 316 stainless steel wire ropes are suited to outdoor balustrade applications. There are three different types of construction of the ropes. 1x19 construction is where 1 strand is made up of 19 individual wires, resulting in a fairly stiff wire rope suitable for fittings that are hydraulically pressed to the wire. This wire has a clean appearance, minimal stretch, and requires lower maintenance. A 7x7 construction (7 wires in 7 strands) is a more flexible option, and suited to pressing using a thimble and eye as it will easily bend around a thimble. This semi-flexible stainless steel wire rope is most commonly used on balustrading and safety rails.

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Viewsafe’s Modular Aluminium Balustrading System by Absolute Balustrades

Designed to suit residential balconies and stairs, the Viewsafe Modular System from Absolute Balustrades offers a range of designs, available with or without glass. Viewsafe Baluster designs are constructed entirely from aluminium. The aluminium alleviates the cleaning consideration, while the range’s variety of contemporary designs, handrail profile options and colours are adaptable to a myriad of housing design briefs. Manufactured and tested to meet, if not exceed, all Australian standards and BCA requirements, the product is powder-coated with high-quality, long lasting UV resistant finishes of the latest technologies.

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