Neutral carpets are a popular feature of modern houses. Colours like white, beige, brown and grey are extremely popular because of their versatility; any of these neutral colours are sure to tone with whichever colour scheme you choose for your home – and this will hold true for every repainting and restyling in the future.

Of all the neutral colour carpet options, grey is clearly one of the standouts. There are so many different hues, shades, and tones of grey that give you a true avenue for creativity while styling your home.

Carpets also come in a variety of textures that can help bring extra visual layers into the décor of your room; consider things like softness, pattern and durability while ruminating on which type of grey carpet would best suit your home.


Part of why grey is so popular in particular is because it is a dark neutral, which is fairly uncommon. Though brown is dark, it does not quite have the same cool neutrality as grey, because it is a warm colour at heart.

Likewise, shades of white and beige are beautiful and cool, but their pale colour makes them vulnerable to wear and staining over time. Grey carpets are a perfect middle ground, because they have the opacity that makes stains and the effect of foot traffic less noticeable over time but will not steal the spotlight from the rest of your décor.


How to choose the right carpet for your home

When you are considering purchasing grey carpet for your home, there are a few things you will want to consider. As stated above, texture is always a good place to start.

There are many different textures of carpet, such as plush (soft, fluffy and luxurious), shag (a vintage look that many will remember from their childhoods), patterns (can be textured differently within the carpet as well) and natural fiber (for that natural, minimalistic-woven look).


Something else to keep in mind is the lighting of your room and the already established interior design styles within your home. If you haven’t begun decorating your home yet, this is where you will nominate a design style to help begin the process of furniture and accent selection.

You want to find a carpet that will blend well with the rest of the room, but not steal attention. This means searching for something in a similar style and material to the other furniture pieces such as a couch or a bed frame.


Once you have a solid idea of the form and style that you want for your carpet, you can begin seeking samples from possible manufacturers.

Samples are usually free and you should try to examine them at home where the carpet is going to be installed to get a sense of how this particular shade will look under the specific lighting conditions of the room.

For some ideas on manufacturers and grey carpet options, see the list and images below.  


Grey carpets for bedroom and living rooms: 7 Best Grey Carpet and Rug options

7. Dark Grey Erie Power-Loomed Rug


For those who love the look of grey carpeting but don’t want to commit to the one style of flooring permanently, a grey rug like this is a great alternative. Available here from Temple and Webster for $314, this rug is textured with white thread to give it a sense of layers.

06. Pako Charcoal Rug


The gorgeous natural look of this handwoven rug is sure to immediately catch the eye. Beyond that, it is comfortable and bouncy underfoot, making it perfect for the bedroom to stop your floors from leeching warmth in the mornings and evenings. You can purchase this grey rug here from Tribe Home for $1,552 and in small, medium or large sizes.

05. Greystone Classic Weave


This quality nylon grey carpet is woven into a pattern loop pile that gives it a neat and orderly appearance. It is suited for all locations, durable, and friendly to children and pets. You can request a quote from carpet right here.

4. Sierra Weave Rug Charcoal Grey


Much like the Erie rug by Temple and Webster, this rug from Life Interiors has a woven texture with subtle white and light grey thread. Unlike the Temple and Webster option, however, this rug comes in multiple sizes, making it perfect for a living room space as you can choose the ideal specifications. It is available here for $1,250.00 and comes in 1.7 x 2.4m, 2 x 3m, and 2.5 x 3.5m sizes.

3. Another World


A stunning range from carpet call, the Another World brand features grey carpets in cool tones. Blue grey, green grey and even just light grey are beautiful carpeting options to keep neutrality in your home without sacrificing aesthetic appeal or opting for a boring flooring choice. You can view the 12 different colours of this range online here and input project specs for a quote.

2. Ripples New Zealand Wool


The stunning texture of this carpet is a standout feature which will draw the eyes of your guests and support your feet throughout the years. This premium carpet is made from 100% quality New Zealand wool, putting it in the $$$ price range.

You can request a quote for this carpet from Carpet Right flooring centre here. It also comes in many other shades, from light greys to beige and white.

1. Shades of Grey


Carpet call flooring centre have an extensive range of twist pile carpets in various grey tones, shades and saturation including blue grey, light grey, and dark grey. The Shades of Grey range featured above is particularly perfect for modern homes, as it has durability, stain resistance, and the antistatic protection necessary to cope with high foot traffic.

These carpets can be installed in accordance with the room specifications, making them perfect for stairs, bedrooms and living rooms. You can purchase it here or input your room’s measurements to receive a price estimate.