Flat pack homes Australia

Also known as kit homes and transportable homes, flat pack homes are houses that are prefabricated offsite and then delivered to the site, in a flat pack or kit, ready for construction. The idea being that preparing materials prior to construction in this way maximizes efficiency, caps time, and reduces overall cost. 

It is important to note that not all flatpack homes are the same. There are a range of types available. the amount of work required to construct the house varies depending on the product and supplier. In some cases, the homes structural elements, (i.e., Walls, floors, windows, and ceilings) Delivered as the flatpack and the prospective homeowner, or his/her builder needs to put it together.  

In other cases, the supplier not only supplies these structural elements but also puts them together for you leaving you two only take care of all the interior fittings, furnishings, and so forth. 

according to this definition flat pack kit homes are the same as prefab homes. it's circuses on speed and efficiency and they arrive on site already fabricated to some degree. they should not be confused with modular homes. in this case, the structures are actually constructed, at least to some degree, off site and transported in pieces (or modules) to be put assembled on site. 

flat pack home

The benefits of flat pack homes

Ease of construction 

Like a folding house, flatpack homes are very easy to construct. Unlike traditional construction techniques, in the case of flatpack homes much of the hard work is done offsite in a factory. In such environments it is simply easier to do. it is important to note here that, country to popular misconception, this also means that modern flat pack kit homes are also very well built and durable. indeed, some are even earthquake resistant. 

Flat pack kit homes are eco friendly 

These days, the components of flatpack homes are manufactured using the latest techniques and digital technologies. This means waste can be minimized and the whole process can be completed in an environmentally friendly fashion. On top of that, many flat back homes come with their own sustainable off grid features such as solar panels. In short, they are eco friendly.


Flat pack homes are less expensive than traditional homes. While estimates vary, when all costs including land permits and everything else are factored in you can expect a total price tag that is somewhere in the order of 10 to 25% less for a flat pack home then you would for a traditionally built home.  

Are flat pack kit homes legal in Australia? 

Of course, all of this amounts to nothing if you happen to live in an area where flatpack homes are not legal the obviously the obvious question therefore is our flight back home is legal in Australia? The answer to this question is yes flatpack homes are legal in Australia. They are categorized as relocatable homes along with caravans, motorhomes, tents, and so forth. 

Still, they must comply with specific regulations, as outlined in the environmental planning and assessment act, as well as local zoning laws (wherever you happen to be in NSW, Victoria, etc.). Perhaps the best way to make sure you're on top of all these regulations is to enlist the services of a building surveyor to help you work through them before working out which designs you want to buy, price, and so forth. 

How can you decide if flatpack homes are the right choice for you? 

Naturally enough there are also negatives associated with flatpack homes. Perhaps the biggest of these is the fact that most banks won't provide finance so flat pack homes. As it stands, they insist that a house is already built before they do this. 

still so those who are able to overcome this hurdle whether or not they purchased a flight back home comes down to choice. rather than use them as their primary residences a lot of people buy flat pack homes as additions to their property. They listen out for rental income use them as home officers guest houses, accommodation for teenage children, and so forth. 

Some flat pack homes with designs worth checking out 

A-Frame Kit balcony Gisborne

1. A-Frame Kit with balcony – Gisborne 

Insulated and energy rated to R6.4, the Gisborne A-Frame flat pack house comes with both single and double glaze aluminum doors and windows that owners can change the position according to personal preference. 

Owners have the option to complete assembly as an Owner builder, with assistance from the supplier, or alternatively the supplier can recommend Registered Builders to do the job. 

The Gisborne flat pack house comes with a seven-year component and structural warranty. 

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Aia 5-bedroom flatpack house

2. Aia - 5-bedroom flatpack house

With five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a split-level living and entertaining area, the Aia comes in at 440m². Add a double garage and also features like a large master suite and office, and it becomes clear that this is more than your average flat pack house. It is something quite special.

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avalon 2 bedroom flat pack house

3. Avalon 2-bedroom flatpack house

Available from Prestige Kit Homes, the Avalon is a simple 76 square metre home with two bedrooms and one bathroom. It features treated timber frames 2400 mmm ceilings and is N3 wind rated. With its very affordable price tag, open plan living and kitchen area, and attractive front deck area for enjoying a morning cup of tea, this kit home is a real winner. 

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