With more time than ever spent in office workspaces, products are being developed to respond to the needs of the modern worker. New approaches in the use of sustainable materials and innovative technology help ease workers through their day and contribute to better health and productivity.

Here are a handful of the latest solutions to hit the Australian market:

Hewlett Packard has designed a new series of printers, the Designjet T120 ePrinter Series, where versatility and adaptability allow workers to access this compact printer from virtually anywhere via Wi-Fi. The printer is compatible with Apple®, Android™ smartphones and tablet and is operable through a touchscreen for ease of use and convenience. The design of the printer is small enough to fit in offices, studios or homes therefore being adaptable for the modern worker who may work remotely.

Australian manufacturer, Linak offer ranges of electric actuator systems and actuator products such as lifting columns, control boxes and controls. The Linak Deskline Acutator Systems are aimed at helping workers adjust the height of their desks, enabling a more flexible workplace.

Not only is the health of the worker now being more closely taken care of with innovative products but the sustainability of the fit-out is now an important consideration for architects. Wharington Sustainable Furniture addresses these issues with its sustainable commercial furniture which incorporates the material Recopol, which is recycled engineering grade plastic internal mouldings.

With a lifetime warranty and products manufactured in Australia, Davell  shows that it is a company committed to customer's enjoying long term use of its durable products. The Davell Tambour Door Cabinet storage range offer space saving features with slotted shelving units to accommodate shelf dividers and dual doors recede into each side of the cabinet smoothly and quietly which suits the modern day open plan office.

The Partition Company is a Sydney based fit out organisation which offers more than just partitions but has also recognised the growing need for the modern office to be more healthful, with the introduction of height adjustable desks. The flexibility of the design allows the desks to be adjusted to suit people of all shapes and sizes and they are also available with split work surfaces that can be adjusted in height individually.

The DuPont™ Corian® Acrylic solid surfaces from CASFAustralia  create work tops which are perfect for the designer finish in office fit-outs. The surfaces are made with durability in mind being non porous, stain, heat and impact resistant surfacing material and come in a range of colours to suit the style of any individualised office.