Online shopping has seen a monumental increase in traffic since the beginning of the pandemic. It is convenient, cheaper, and much easier than going into a store.

There is also the added benefit that online shopping will usually have many more options than an in-store display, so the shopper has greater freedom of choice. Whether you are trying to avoid in person shopping for pandemic-related reasons or just because it’s more convenient, there are a few strategies which can enhance your shopping experience.

The store that you choose to buy from is very important. Online scams currently run rampant across the internet, often even licensing adds on more reputable sites like Facebook or Instagram as a way to deceive potential buyers. Double checking every online shopping website before you enter your details is a must. Secure payment options such as PayPal are also extremely useful in ensuring your financial safety. There are a few telltale ways that you can identify a scam from a real site.

Firstly, double check the URL of the website. Some scams will use a similar name to a reputable website in the hopes of catching people unawares. Make sure that you are aware of any spelling errors – they will likely indicate that someone is mimicking trusted furniture websites trick people into thinking that it is the legitimate site.

You can also use a website checker such as the Google Transparency Report. This will tell you crucial information about the domain and safety of the website you are about to visit. Another good way to test whether or not a store is legit is to google reviews outside of the website. This should provide you with a less biased and unmoderated account of the results that customers have had from the business.

One of the most foolproof ways to make sure that you are purchasing safely is to buy furniture online from a brand that you are already familiar with. Brands that have a display store in your area which you can walk into are ideal. Though it may seem to defeat the purpose, going to an in-person store before purchasing online is a great failsafe that will prevent you being surprised by the product that arrives. Online shopping is still recommended even if you decide to visit the store, because there are more options (in terms of colours, styles, makes and types) and online shopping will often have coupons or other discounts that you will not be able to find in-store.

Currently, Australia is seeing a return to Scandinavian furniture design, with a Moroccan twist. Trends indicate that we are once again swinging the pendulum towards cozy, minimalist, and practical. This design style is usually complemented with neutral colours like beige, white, grey and light brown for signature furniture pieces, and colourful design accents like art, pillows, rugs or throws.

Ikea is one of the best known stores in the world for Scandinavian design. However, it is not the only high quality furniture store with online shopping available. Read on for a list of the best furniture stores online.

The best online furniture stores Australia: where to buy furniture online

9. Furniture 2 you

online furniture shopping Australia best internet stores furniture delivery

Furniture 2 you is an Australian based company situated primarily in Melbourne. They specialize in providing high quality furniture pieces at affordable prices. Most furniture 2 you products will have free shipping across Australia. They supply bedroom, dining room, office and living room furniture, as well as décor like rugs and artwork. Browse their catalogue here.

8. Furnitureonline

online furniture shopping Australia best internet stores furniture delivery

Furnitureonline is a one stop shop which stocks a huge variety of different furniture items. Covering everything you could possibly need, inside and out, furniture online is one of the most affordable online furniture retail stores available in Australia. You can take a look at their many ranges here.

7. Freedom

online furniture shopping Australia best internet stores furniture delivery

Freedom is a stylish furniture store with many products influenced by Scandinavian design. Freedom has a special membership which entitles the member to sales and other discounts – sometimes as much as 40% off.

Their products have the unique look of boutique furniture at the reasonable prices of a large business. They are the perfect choice for modern designer bedroom furniture, as well as sofas, living room, and dining room furniture. You can browse their catalogue here.

6. Yesfurnitureonline

online furniture shopping Australia best internet stores furniture delivery

Yesfurnitureonline is another affordable one-stop shop, stocking everything you could possibly need for bedrooms, dining rooms, offices, and outdoors. They also sell bundle deals for those looking to buy in bulk. Check out their website here.

5. Online furniture direct

online furniture shopping Australia best internet stores furniture delivery

Online furniture direct is an Australian based Brisbane furniture store that is entirely online. They offer many helpful financial incentives to buy, such as full delivery, full manufacturers warranties, no interest take home layby, and in most cases only require payment once the item has been delivered.

Their items are also somewhat cheaper than many of their competitors as they do not have to balance the cost of running physical stores on top of the online business. Read more about online furniture direct here.

4. Chris webster

online furniture shopping Australia best internet stores furniture delivery

Chris Webster Furniture was founded in 1981 and has been providing high quality furniture across Australia for each of the decades since. They are one of Victoria’s primary independent furniture retailers and have one of the largest product ranges in the independent market. Read more about their products here.

3. Three of a kind

online furniture shopping Australia best internet stores furniture delivery

Three of a kind furniture specializes in using reclaimed timber to create beautiful, rustic furniture pieces. All of their furniture is hand made in Sydney and made custom to order. Environmentally friendly and incredibly beautiful, browse the three of a kind product list here.

2. Castlery

online furniture shopping Australia best internet stores furniture delivery

Castlery provides designer furniture for every room inside and outside the house. They are particularly well known for their gorgeous, high quality sofas in many different colours. You can view the online catalogue for Castlery here

1. Ikea

online furniture shopping Australia best internet stores furniture delivery

One of the furniture retail industry giants, Ikea needs very little introduction. Providing high quality and beautiful Scandinavian furniture designs at affordable prices, Ikea is one of Australia’s most trusted online furniture stores.