Hallway lighting ideas

Why is hallway lighting important?

The hallway is a crucial component of one’s home, and the right hallway lighting ideas will illuminate every step you take in style and assurance. From simple track lighting to magnificent suspensions of every era and inspiration, LEDs integrated in baseboards and beyond, there are an infinite number of options to suit your home’s look and capacity.

What do you need to consider?

Like so many oft-disregarded corners of one’s home, the hallway is easy to overlook in the name of pragmatism. Point A to Point B is the task of the hallway, right? Not anymore. It’s time to step into the corridor and embrace the potential of adding yet another impeccable layer to your home’s appearance.

For smaller stretches of hall, often a single, eye-catching chandelier or pendant feature will master the job; for larger expanses the sky–or shall we say skylight–is the limit. Along with artwork, framed prints, and various decorations, lighting is the keynote to a welcoming hallway. And it goes without saying, as with any matter pertaining to personal expression, there are no wrong choices.

Tips for stylish and functional hallway lighting

Create a focal point with hallway lighting—Let your hallway lighting do the talking with a simple design that catches the eye. A clear shade that shows off the bulbs won't look obtrusive in a small or narrow hallway. Use wall lighting to create zones, use warm colours with timber and down lights if you’re hoping for a facelift to an older home. 

1. Pendant Lighting

The eye-catching effects that can be achieved with pendant lighting are a lovely option for hallways with higher ceilings. Be mindful of choosing something that suits the height of a space and doesn't overwhelm it.
For a similar hallways lighting try Jim Lawrence.

2. Shade-free industrial lighting

If you want to inject a touch of the industrial look into your hallway, pick out cage pendant lights, something like these John Lewis lights would be a good choice. 
And if you want to go even further down the industrial route, match them with an exposed brick wall (not as hard to achieve as you might think - just check out our guide to how to create an exposed brick wall). 
Shop more hallway lighting at John Lewis & Partners

3. Minimalist wall lighting

Unlike the inconvenience of floor lights or downlights logistically, a simple an effective way of lighting a hallway can be sleek wall lights as they make a great addition to a minimalist-inspired space. Alternatively, they can also be used as spotlights to draw attention to hanging artwork or ornaments on display or fixtures, and the perfect night light. You can also find those that sensor the occupants coming and goings and trigger the lights.
We love these Camillo Lights from Christopher Wray but you can find similar, more affordable wall lights at Wayfair 

4. Spacing light fittings

For an effective lighting option in a darker hallway, and a great entrance, create a more seamless look with a row of fitted hallway ceiling lights. Whilst subtle and understated, they maximise the light within a space. For something similar, try The Range.
Then, for more tips on how to lighten a dark hallway take a look at our specialist guide.

5. Table lamps

If you don't like the idea of statement hallway lighting or want to create a more of an entry or inviting atmosphere into your hallway, a subtle lampshade that blends into the rest of your scheme is a great alternative. Position on a console table and couple with photo frames or house plants. 
We love this modern Concrete Table Lamp from Cox & Cox.