Several children from across the world were asked to draw their dream bedrooms. Separated by different backgrounds, countries and even continents, these children had one thing in common – a highly creative and imaginative mind that could dream up some of the most stunning bedroom designs to reflect their personalities and desires.

These beautiful ideas were then brought to life, capturing the innocence of these kids in 7 stunning bedroom designs.

1.  Inaya, 5, Pakistan

Inaya’s love for nature and the outdoors is reflected strongly in her design, which features a flowery bedsheet, grass around the bed, a swing/slide close to the bed, and a jigsaw puzzle on the wall.

2. Martín, 6, Spain

A 5-storey bunk bed with a spiral slide is the highlight of Martín’s dream bedroom, which he designed for sleepovers with friends. Lots of Lego blocks, a fish tank on the table, a huge cinema screen and a candy machine were the other elements in his playful design.

3. Gala, 6, Argentina

Gala’s dream bedroom design is centred around a big tree, which is home to a parrot that is free to fly in and out of the window. The tree also has two swings hanging from one of the branches. A big mirror with lights, a bookcase full of books, and real flowers are the other elements in Gala’s imaginative design.

4. Elias, 7, Greece

Elias loves the colour green, and his forest-themed design brings the best of nature into his bedroom. Wanting his design to be ‘a little bit theatrical’, he has introduced a huge oak tree and a small pond with plenty of cute fish. Elias’ love for modern technological comforts can be seen in his shiny new computer sitting atop a beautiful log desk.

5. Viola, 9, Ukraine

Viola’s dream bedroom features her favourite colours – cyan and violet; she says violet is ‘the colour of magic’. Of course, she also loves the sky and waterfalls. Having imagined a room that would come alive, she has introduced a big rainbow on the wall and hanging clouds to create a feeling of sleeping in the sky.

6. Harry, 10, England

Harry’s dream bedroom design reflects his other big dream for the future – to become a SWAT police officer or race car driver. Designing his room to be the perfect training ground, he has introduced elements such as an LED floor and a hot wheels track that circles the room; a purple and green sunken couch with heated seats; a platform bed that connects to another platform via a wooden bridge, and is accessed by a ladder along with a slide to get down; and a gaming room under the bed platform.

7. Briana, 10, Philippines

This future interior designer has designed a room to accommodate her needs. Since Briana loves sleepovers, her bed is big enough for three with extra room on the sofa bed to fit more friends. The high bed is accessed by a ladder and there’s space underneath for her to do her school assignments, play games and watch her favourite K-Pop idol.

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