What is a balcony?

A balcony is a platform on the outside of a building, enclosed by walls or balustrades, supported by columns or console brackets. The platform is projecting from the wall of a building, usually above the ground floor.

Why do we love them?

1. It gives a feeling of outdoors while still ‘inside’

2. You can have a BBQ without having to be outside

3. It’s such a nice space to spend time sitting and reading.

4. It’s another entertaining space to use without having to spend all of the time in the living room/ kitchen

5. It opens up a new space  to decorate with ‘garden items’

6. It’s the perfect space to eat breakfast in during the summer

Generally, balconies are a romantic ‘add-on’, a supposed luxury, so why not decorate it as such? Below are some ideas on how to do exactly that.

5. Add Pattern with an Outdoor Rug

Amp up the look of your balcony with a patterned rug or runner to put underneath an outdoor table or floor pillows. Be sure to choose one that will stand up to the elements.

4. Bring in Greenery

Pack your balcony with planters filled with lush plants to create the feel of that backyard you've always wanted. Add some herbs to make your balcony smell as good as it looks. Design a greener balcony with added garden décor, and remember to even use taller plants like bamboo to create a screen of privacy. Devil’s ivy is also really beautiful to wrap and dangle over the railing, and potted plants dotted around the area can ensure that cosy enclosed garden-feeling.

3. Add a Spot to Recline

Whether you want to soak up the sun or curl up with a book, a couple outdoor daybeds or lounge chairs might be all you need for a restful retreat. Add some outdoor pillows to make things extra comfy.

2. Opt for Floor Pillows

There's no need to invest in outdoor furniture—especially if you're just renting. Get some colourful and comfortable floor pillows that can do double duty inside.

1. Use Your Wall Space

Hang planters or weather-resistant art to help your balcony feel like an extension of your apartment, optionally, hang fairy lights and add small lamps or lanterns as atmospheric decoration. Alternatively, hang shelves to add some extra storage,  maybe for wine or even miscellaneous things if you’re working with a small apartment.