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5 lighting products brightening Australia’s built environment

The majority of automated building products are designed for use in commercial buildings, generally because this is where automation has greatest scope to aid operation and cost improvements. But of late, we’re also seeing manufacturers releasing new products and systems geared towards the residential market. And while their release is generally more to do with appeasing society’s obsession with the infinite capability of their smart phones, the wave of home automation products is tipped to continue to grow and innovate.

Lighting control has now joined the home automation trend, and in 2015 a variety of manufacturers released smartphone-controlled and monitored lighting products that have both commercial and residential building applicability.

Here are five new products available to the Australian market:


On top of being controlled by your phone or tablet, the wireless Hue LED lights can be set to pulse or flash and can adjust to 16 million different colours. The light bulbs are available in standard E27 or strip lighting format and fit standard power sockets. At the heart of the Hue system is ‘The Bridge’, a WiFi controllable device linked to a router via an Ethernet cable and capable of controlling up to 50 bulbs at a time. Hue works on both iOS and Android devices.


The Belkin Wemo Switch and Wemo Motion Kit provide users with wireless control of appliances, electronics, and lighting by turning devices of choice on or off as soon as movement is detected. The Wemo Light Switch can be controlled from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet signal), allows users to set up schedules, and feature back-lighting to illuminate the switch in the dark. The sensor plugs into an outlet and detects motion up to 10 feet away and then sends a wireless signal to the Wemo Switch to turn the connected device either on or off. The free Wemo app is downloadable to any Apple device.


The WiFi - 102 LED Controller is operated through an application that is free to download for iPhone or Android users. The app allows for users to dabble with 32 fixed colour modes, as well as control the colour temperature and brightness of their lights via personal mobile devices from up to 100 metres away. The system also has a DIY function, which enables users to create any lighting effect they desire in the palm of their hand.


The Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb range consists of Wi-Fi enabled, energy efficient, multi-coloured light bulbs that you can control on your Android or IPhone mobile devices, including smart watches. The light bulbs can be programmed to wake you up each morning with a gradual increase in brightness and to help you drift off at night by steadily dimming the light. Like the Phillips Hue LED Light bulbs, it has 16 million possible colour variations and installs easily into your existing Edison screw light socket. The light bulbs also connect with various other smart devices and services, such as Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart Things, Nest products, and IFTTT to make control over your lighting even more accessible.


Organic Response has developed a completely wireless “plug & play” lighting control system that allows each individual luminaire to make lighting decisions based on the presence of occupants in its immediate vicinity, ambient light levels, and information it receives from its neighbouring luminaires. It then contributes information back to the luminaire community, so other luminaires can also make educated lighting decisions. At the heart of this system is the Sensor Node, which is integrated into each luminaire during assembly. Once it is Organic Response Enabled, the luminaire transforms into an intelligent light, ready to adapt and respond to the needs of its users and can further be optimised through your smartphone via the Organic Response app (available for Android and IPhone Users).