Within the health and residential aged care sectors, security isn’t just about keeping unwanted people out. It’s also about improving access. High quality, well-functioning systems make it easier for people to move about without difficulty, and help keep them safe and healthy.

In some quarters, the trend towards increased security: to access points, swipe cards, video cameras, and so forth is seen as something to regret. The claim is that we have lost something from the days when suburban residents left their front doors unlocked and commercial buildings had what today looks like a ‘come and go as you please’ approach.

While these sentiments are valid, they don’t tell the whole story. If specified thoughtfully, modern day security and access control systems are about improving access. This is particularly true in the context of the health and aged care sectors, where they can help those with mobility issues move around without assistance.

Similarly, they can help ensure that residents with dementia keep out of harm’s way and, as the COVID-19 pandemic illustrates, they can help maintain a healthy environment.

With that in mind, here is a selection of some such products and systems that don’t only keep unwanted people out, but also provide practical assistance to patients, residents, and staff. Products that represent a nuanced, sophisticated approach to security and access control.


Hospitals are dynamic, complex places that bring together several different environments – including operating theatres, clean rooms, patient units, communal areas, and so forth – on the one site. Each of these has its own operational requirements and each has its own security needs.

Siveillance Suite, a family of sophisticated products from Siemens, represents the perfect security solution for such settings. Including functionality for incident management systems, access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, alarm, analytics, information, and operation management, and more, it can provide exactly what hospitals need.

Products within the suite include SiPass integrated access control, a flexible access control system that supports the integration of video surveillance, intrusion detection and fire alarm systems, and delivers a totally integrated security solution; and Siveillance Identity, an intuitive web-based portal that offers in-house access request management across multiple sites.

Then there is Siveillance Video, which allows efficient visual verification of events; and Siveillance Control Pro, a powerful Physical Security Information Management (PSIM), which provides reliable, scalable, and efficient security management by combining multiple safety and security subsystems with command-and-control features.

Importantly, all products in the Siveillance Suite feature a centrally managed access control system which enable more efficient security monitoring for security personnel and facility managers. Having a common, unified platform manages risks while reducing operational costs and unplanned downtimes.

ABB Australia

Within the health and aged care sectors, and indeed across all sectors, any move to modernise security, traffic, and access control must include building automation technology. And it has to include systems like ABB’s open-standard i-bus KNX offering.

Based on the worldwide open protocol, the ABB i-bus® KNX system reduces staff workload by automating core building functions such as lighting, shutter control, heating, ventilation, energy management, and of course, security.

KNX is a global standard which defines the communication between electrical products, but not the technology itself. And that’s where the key strength of ABB’s offering lies. New KNX-based security products are constantly emerging, and they’ll be compatible with the ABB i-Bus infrastructure that makes up the electrical nervous system of the hospital or residential aged care home in question.

As they come online, and as their security and access requirements change, they can be introduced seamlessly and without causing any unnecessary interruptions or excessive costs. Whether the devices in question are locks, fire alarms, bio locks, video cameras, or automobile movement restrictors, management can purchase them, safe in the knowledge that they can be incorporated into the pre-existing architecture, without undue difficulty.

Boon Edam

Boon Edam is a market leader in architectural revolving doors and security entrances in settings like health and residential aged care, where access and egress of large staff and visitor flows need to be regulated.

Acknowledging the changes that are expected to affect the residential aged care sector as a result of several factors including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the company has released Circleslide curved automatic sliding doors.

Revolving door security entrance solutions, which are specifically tailored to suit residential aged care applications, Circleside doors are able to provide enhanced access for people who rely on wheelchairs, mobility scooters, wheeled walkers and so forth.

Consisting of two curved sliding doors – one on each of the entrance and exit sides – Circleslide installations combine elegant design with the high capacity and ease of passage offered by sliding doors. Thanks to their curved shape, the Circleslide doors have a slightly wider throat opening than normal sliding doors with the same installation width. This allows for a larger throughput even in smaller entries.

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, Circleslide curved automatic sliding doors are fully customisable. There are several options available including Interlocking mode, connection to external alarm systems, push-button free out, key impulse switch, direction sensitive motion detectors, glass protection sheets, floor mats, and authorised night entry.

In addition, like all Boon Edam entrances doors, Circleside doors can be seamlessly integrated with security speed gates that regulate and monitor the access and egress of staff and visitors.

Record Doors

Record Doors, a supplier of custom designed and built automatic security entrance systems, offers several automatic swing and sliding door operators which are used extensively in health and aged care applications.

Noteworthy for its sophisticated technology, compact design, low energy consumption, and silent operation, the record DFA LEN door operators meet the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements and are tested to stringent European standards DIN EN16005 (durability and safety).

With its electromechanical construction and modular design, the door operator can either be visibly mounted to a variety of surfaces above a swing door entrance, or concealed in a ceiling cavity with an extended spindle for the connection arm.

When the swing door drive motor operates, it tensions a spring integrated in the drive housing. Conversely, when the door closes, the energy stored in the spring is utilised, with motor assistance employed as required for effective and continued smooth and silent operation.

The Record DFA LEN door operators have five operating modes (Automatic, Hold Open, Manual, Locked, Exit) and five functions (Auto reverse, Push and Go, Emergency stop, Two leaf synchronised operation, and Interlock).

They also come with a choice of control options: via radar activation sensors, card swipe, push button, contactless button, or even remote control. The swing operator, which can be retrofitted to existing hinged doors, represents a valuable investment for health facilities and residential aged care homes.


Invisi-Gard is the premium security screen solution by Alspec – an Australian owned, market leader in the design of innovative aluminium systems to architectural, residential, industrial, and home improvement markets.

At the heart of every Invisi-Gard security screen and security door is its high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh which sets a high standard in terms of its quality, precision, and longevity.

Combined with the product’s patented EGP retention system – which ensures that there is no contact between the mesh and frame and that the mesh can withstand dynamic impacts consistent with repeated hard kicks – this means that the product is ten times the strength of the Australian Standard in terms of absorbed energy.

Recommended for residential aged care settings, each Invisi-Gard door and screen is custom built to suit each specific application. Each door features a heavy duty extruded aluminium perimeter frame for extra strength, is available in a full range of standard colours for optimum impact and comes with a 15-year product warranty.

Salto Systems

Smart, secure, innovative, and easy to install, the Salto XS4 One electronic lock requires no hard wiring and provides a totally wire-free networked electronic locking solution with a great range of features. With a sleek built-in reader that is available in two colours – black and white – and seven different body finishes, it complements any type of interior design or décor.

Suitable for retrofits and new builds alike, Salto smart access control systems such as the Salto XS4 One have been deployed in aged and health care facilities across Australia and New Zealand, including Uniting SA, McKenzie Aged Care, Peninsula Health and The Royal Children’s Hospital.

The Salto XS4 One electronic lock is compatible with most European, Scandinavian and ANSI mortise locks and tubular latches. There are models available for both inside and outside use available (with all outside models IP55 rated to endure the elements).

The lock is also compatible with Salto Space (data on card, on-premises access control system) and Salto KS (cloud-based access control system) and is available with Salto Biocote antimicrobial coating for hygiene-sensitive environments such as health and aged care.

Another important feature is its flexibility. It offers staff and residents the ability to use a range of entry credentials including smart cards, tags, wristbands and even their smartphone. It is emergency ready with lockdown and real-time opening functionalities.

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