Republic of Everyone describes itself as “sustainability strategists and communicators”. It gave Dunn & Hillam the brief to represent its company’s ethics and mission through its new workplace. The brief? Make it the sort of place people want to come to work in, with plenty of open space and a fit-out that set a challenge to ‘buy nothing new’.

Challenges of the fit-out arose around the flexibility required when working around or with found piece, idiosyncratic building materials, a tight budget and a fast time-frame. Decisions had to be made on the spot, based on what was available, so the pre-construction documentation of a normal project was less important.

With the office close to Prince Alfred Park, it encourages the creative people to shoot some basketball, go for a swim or sit under a tree while considering ways to solve the world’s eco and social problems. The open-plan office, with large windows, take advantage of natural light and leafy views wherever possible.

By encouraging people to cycle to work, to hold meetings in the park and to enjoy certain sociability at work, problems of ill health and unsustainable long work hours were addressed. An office like this can merge work and life in a positive way.


  • The aim was to use what they had, or to source the necessary pieces or construction second hand.
  • Reclaimed windows are used to create the meeting room, desks are made from second hand shop side boards and plantation plywood tops.
  • Desks, shelves from their previous office and street find furniture was repaired and worked into the design.
  • The design takes advantage of natural light at every desk space and view of the park across the road- which also functions as a second meeting room.
  • Bike parking and showers are provided for staff and visitors.