Seeking to cater for flexible workplaces, Formula Interiors has created and introduced a demountable, removable and reconfigurable partition system that would reduce the waste generated in removing and relocating walls.

The Shift Partition System is modular in design, allowing the partition walls to be reconfigured many times to accommodate for changes in work spaces, while individual components can be replaced or refurbished as desired and required.

Unlike standard gyprock walls, which use considerable materials and labour to be built, and must be demolished when a they need to be removed, the inclusion of Shift in an office fitout setting means that the walls of a building can be reused and reconfigured with no need for excess new parts, and no material wastage.

Shift is produced locally in Melbourne under an Integrated Management System, with the company’s facilities and processes complying with ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001: 2008. It also uses standard materials and does not require special manufacturing skills or processes.

Produced for each project to a unique specifications, which limits waste and redundant stock, the system ensures that it can be re-used many times within a workspace and moved to other premises as a business moves, thus proving to be an excellent alternative to wasteful standard wall construction.


  • The system is GECA certified, with all components tested for VOCs and other possible toxic elements
  • It is fully recyclable, with Formula offering a Take Back scheme as part of its Stewardship Policy and overall commitment to the environment
  • All materials, such as aluminium, glass, laminate panels and pin boards, can be used multiple times and in multiple configurations
  • The patented corner brackets of the system allow additional wall junctions to be added without needing new parts. A two way junction can be made into a three or four way junction by simply adding a casting

  • Good adjustability of 44mm in the floor track and 22mm in the ceiling track, which accommodates for varying floor levels and site conditions. It does not damage floor or ceiling tiles
  • A five-year warranty ensures all parts are readily available, so any necessary repairs can be efficiently completed extending the usability of the system
  • The Shift ceiling module also incorporates Echopanel, which consists of 70 percent post-consumer PE