Bosch Hot Water & Heating set out to develop a product that would have cost-saving benefits, while offering flexibility for the consumer – two key qualities that are embodied in the Bosch Compress 3000 hot water heat pump.

An environmentally friendly product, the Compress 3000 uses thermal energy from the air to heat up the water with 60 per cent more efficiency than a conventional electric water heater.

The product was designed not only to meet, but exceed industry standards, and has been certified for sale in Australia and New Zealand through SAI. It is also registered under the Clean Energy Regulators STC program, and tested and modelled to show significant amounts of energy savings in all regions of Australia.

Proven to save over 60 per cent less electrical energy in Zone 3, the region where electric power water heaters are most common, the Compress 3000 is expected to encourage more home owners to purchase energy efficient heat pump technology products over conventional electric storage units.


  • The Compress 3000 is a reliable product that increases the opportunity to save on running costs. Because the product uses up to 60% less electrical energy, it saves on non-sustainable resources such as coal and gas
  • It is the only outdoor heat pump on the market with smart controls. A programmable timer allows the customer to set the heat times to the most cost effective times. ‘Time of use’ tariff electricity prices are significantly cheaper during off-peak times (night times and weekends)
  • The programmable timer allows up to three programs to be set, so that users can set for different seasons to ensure that hot water is always available when needed
  • The smart controls also feature error codes, which simplifies the diagnosis process when repairs are required