ALPOLIC®/fr has rapidly become Australia's number one choice in aluminium composite panelling. ALPOLIC®/fr is non-combustible, highly versatile and is strongly recommended by renowned architects.

Available in a wide range of colours ALPOLIC®/fr is ideally suited for internal and external use in the construction of new buildings and the redesigning of pre-existing structures. ALPOLIC ®/fr has a high rigidity and excellent flatness which gives it an edge over all other aluminium composite panels.

ALPOLIC®/fr is recognised for its unique properties such as its mineral-filled core and state-of-the-art Lumiflon paint finish. This non-combustible, durable and cost effective cladding provides a distinctive appearance that enhances the aesthetics of any building on which it is utilised. Mitsubishi is the worldwide manufacturer of ALPOLIC®/fr operating in conjunction with its Australian partners. This partnership has established a firm grip on the Australian market.
ALPOLIC®/fr is recognised by Ecospecifier as an eco-friendly green star composite panel.

ALPOLIC®/fr has passed the most severe fire test of intermediate scale multi-storey apparatus (ISMA) and meets various fire code requirements around the world, mitigating the fire risks in buildings. ALPOLIC®/fr is a light, strong sheet material with apparent gravity of 1.2 to 1.5 reducing weight by 40% compared with solid aluminium sheets with equivalent rigidity.

The impressive workability of the ALPOLIC ®/fr panel makes it easy to cut, bend, groove and shape with regular aluminium and woodworking machines and tools.

THE chemistry of natural metals fused with architecture takes your design capabilities to another level with ALPOLIC®/fr natural composite metal panels. The range includes Zinc composite panel (ZCM), Titanium Composite Material (TCM), Copper Composite Material (CCM) and Stainless steel Composite Material, (SCM).
Some ALPOLIC®/fr natural metals such as copper and zinc will naturally develop patina as it weathers enhancing its character and beauty. This makes ALPOLIC®/fr natural metals ideal for traditional and contemporary designs.

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