RMAX ThermaSilver provides up to 20% more insulation performance with the same board thickness. Or conversely, achieves the same energy rating as normal EPS using a thinner board or lower density.
This efficiency is achieved through the incorporation of graphite particles into the raw material used by RMAX to make ThermaSilver. These graphite particles act as infrared reflectors and absorbers, considerably reducing thermal conductivity.

ThermaSilver is a versatile insulation panel suitable for many applications. It can be used as an exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS), ceiling insulation, exterior insulation, cavity insulation, insulating concrete forms (ICFs), panel construction and floor insulation.

Key features of ThermaSilver include a greatly improved insulation effect and the thinner panels can provide the same insulation performance as traditional EPS. It is dimensionally stable and ageing resistant. The grey colour of ThermaSilver reduces light reflection which reduces glare.
ThermaSilver is easy to handle due to its light weight and is easy to cut and install, which assists in faster construction and cost reduction.

ThermaSilver is exclusively manufactured by RMAX, Australia\\'s leading producer of EPS products, ThermaSilver incorporates BASF Neopor® technology, proven as insulation and exterior cladding across Europe and Asia.