As the pioneers of linear drainage in the bathroom, Stormtech has been providing inspiring architectural drainage solutions to architects and designers for the last 20 years. 

For interior applications in the bathroom and other wet rooms, linear stainless steel grates of the AR, PS and PH Series create an aesthetically pleasing solution to the traditional grated drain as they are narrow profile and high efficiency drainage systems. 

They are available as a modular system with PVC or stainless steel channel or as a made to measure system that will be manufactured to specific lengths. This product line is also used in balcony drainage as it is easily installed in a suspended slab. 

The TIF Series (Tile Insert Frame) is designed to blend the drainage system perfectly with any chosen solid floor surface. 

The SQ Series is a more traditional square drain, available with an architectural wedgewire grate or a tile inset frame.

The Threshold Series allows to create a seamless integration of interior and exterior areas to satisfy the growing trend of bringing the outside in.