A new high-end multi-residential apartment project in the heart of Armadale, VIC offers buyers the option to tailor the interiors to their personal preferences by upgrading features and fittings.

Armadale’s rich architectural history comes to life at Hampden, the latest multi-residential project designed by Rob Mills Architecture and Interiors. RMA’s remarkable expertise in creating award-winning high-end residential dwellings can be experienced at Hampden, which brings together under one roof, ingenious design solutions, the use of healthy materials, high quality crafted textures, unique character and lasting value.

A series of arches across the building’s brick facade indicates RMA’s signature design feature. Natural materials combined with a soft colour palette give the building an inviting character and allow plenty of natural light within the nine private residences.

“We wanted to create interiors that remind you of summertime throughout the year,” says Rob Mills, Director of RMA. “A light palette with earthy tones was chosen to gently reflect the sunlight and be one with the bricked arches enclosing the interior,” he adds.

Each large-scale three-bedroom residence benefits from the morning sun and has access to the changing light throughout the day, which in combination with spatial arrangements, textures and acoustics, defines the joyful character of the dwellings. The practical design of the apartments ensures all the daily needs of the residents are met.

Governed by best-practice wellness design principles, including low toxicity plants, acoustic insulation, intuitive technology and the 7-star NaTHERS rating, Hampden delivers a gentle and healthy living experience.

RMA was responsible for end-to-end design and delivery of the Hampden project including bespoke styling, ensuring a truly unique experience to any buyer. Residents also had the opportunity to upgrade their apartments to suit their requirements, allowing for a more customised lifestyle experience.

Zip HydroTap Elite

Zip HydroTap Elite is one of the selected appliances that buyers can choose through an upgrade option. Designed to provide instant filtered boiling, chilled or sparkling water that’s free from odours and contamination, Zip HydroTap further boosts Hampden’s sustainability and wellbeing credentials. Buyers also had a choice of finish options from Gunmetal and Brushed Gold to provide a sleek and contemporary touch that complemented the overall aesthetic of the new development.