Zip heaters introduces the Zip HydroTap Compact2 model, a boiling and chilled filtered water system for homes.

This efficient water heating filtration system eliminates the need to wait for water to boil as well as the need to purchase bottled water, and saves both time, energy and conserves water. The Zip HydroTap Compact2 provides the ideal water filtration system for a home kitchen or small office space.

The design features a superior triple action sub-micron filtration system that removes impurities and chlorine to ensure the water is clear, healthy and tasty.

The Compact2 water heating filtration system sleeps when inactive and the hibernation mode allows the system to completely shut down after two hours of non-use.

Benefits of the Zip HydroTap Compact2 include:

  • Instant hot and cold water
  • Eliminates the need for kettle and kettle cords
  • Energy efficient, therefore reducing power costs
  • Child safety lock;and
  • Tank temperatures can be individually adjusted to suit personal requirements.
For more information about the Zip HydroTap range feel free to visit the website.