The brief for this residential project in Doncaster, Victoria was a home that achieved high insulation properties and a reduced build time. With an appreciation for reinforced concrete homes, ZEGO Insulated Concrete Forms was an ideal alternative wall system that would assist with the energy efficiency of the home whilst maintaining structural integrity.

The 200 Series HomeFORM which was used for the project consists of 45mm of foam insulation on both the internal and external walls, a total of 90mm of insulation. This encapsulates a 100mm reinforced concrete core for an overall wall thickness of 190mm.

On completion of the project, the Builder/Owner reported that the heating and cooling costs were dramatically reduced to between 50-80%. During the height of the Winter and Summer months, they were able to switch off systems throughout the day with the confidence that the ZEGO Insulated Concrete walls would maintain the constant temperature throughout the home.

The Builder/Owner also reported that a reduced build time was achieved thanks to the Proprietary Wall Bracing System. Reducing material handling and labour costs, the bracing replaced labour on-site and allowed for only one concrete pour per floor level. Whilst the bracing appeared to be an additional upfront cost, the Builder/Owner confirmed that cost savings were achieved on the overall project due to the speed and ease at which the walls were constructed.

Multiple external elements, including brick façade and sandstone panelling, were used to finish the residence. The Builder/Owner confirmed that the rendering process was straightforward, with the acrylic render of a fine sand finish forming a dovetail shape in the grooves and mechanically locking into the foam, eliminating delamination.

ZEGO Installers can be contracted in a similar way for a block layer or a bricklayer, however, due to the simplicity of the system, some clients prefer to install themselves.