Several wall solutions from ZEGO Building Systems helped a large commercial building company complete an apartment project quickly and cost-efficiently within a tight construction program.

The 56 Seventh Street Bowden project is a 3-storey, 16-dwelling apartment complex with ground floor car parking incorporating passive construction solutions. The builder needed to complete the project quickly within a challenging timeframe.

ZEGO offered the builder a comprehensive wall solution covering all applications and streamlining the installation process.

ZEGO supplied the commercial FireFORM system for external and internal fire rated acoustic party walls with a 150mm and 200mm concrete core. The ZEGO FireFORM building system is installed and poured in situ, reducing material handling and labour required on site. The reinforced concrete core of FireFORM helps the building system achieve the structural requirements while also providing a fire rated solution for the party and boundary walls.

Additionally, ZEGO supplied the ReFORM strippable and reusable plastic formwork solution for the carpark where insulation was not required.

ZEGO building systems helped the building company complete the project four weeks ahead of schedule, and achieve significant cost savings with the reduced construction time.

The ZEGO insulated concrete formwork wall system also helped the project achieve a 6.4-7.5 star Nathers Energy rating and a 5 Star Green Star Design rating. 56 Seventh Street was awarded the 2015 MBA (SA) Award for Excellence in Environmental & Sustainable Constructions - Residential.

The success of this project underlines the many benefits of using ZEGO insulated concrete building systems as an alternative wall system for commercial and residential projects, including faster construction, reduced labour costs, sustainability and energy efficiency in a single process.