Accreditation number 14093 Wintec Systems dedication to good design practice required an in-house test laboratory to carry out R&D testing and formal NATA accredited testing.  

The test laboratory has been accredited to ISO/IEC17025.

The methods of test for windows and doors are specified in AS2047:1999 Windows in buildings – selection and installation. The tests specified in this Standard are given in the AS4420 suite of Standards.

AS4420.2 – Deflection Test
Windows and doors shall be designed to control or limit the deflection of structural members at the Serviceability Limit State. No structural member in a completely assembled and glazed window or door shall deflect by an amount greater than span/150 for “housing”, Span/180 for “other residential” and some “housing” or Span/250 for “commercial”.

AS4420.3 – Operating Force Test
The operating force test measures the forces required to operate windows and doors with moving sashes. The size of the operating force depends on the weight of the sash, the arrangement and compression of seals and the configuration of rollers or slides.

AS4420.4 – Air Infiltration Test
The air infiltration rate is a measure of the ability of the window or door to resist the ingress or egress of air through the window at a nominated static air pressure. The air infiltration rate is important with regard to the thermal performance of windows and doors, and is used in the calculation of the window energy rating. There is also some correlation between the air infiltration rate and the sound transmission characteristics of the window or door.

AS4420.5 – Water Penetration Resistance
Water penetration resistance is a measure of the ability of the window or door to resist the ingress of water spray under positive air pressure to the interior of the building. The window or door shall be designed such that there shall be no penetration of uncontrolled water through the window or door at a static positive air pressure. The water penetration level is defined as the maximum static air pressure at which no penetration of uncontrolled water occurs for a given volume and application of water spray.

AS4420.6 – Ultimate Strength Test
Structural members of a window and door that are likely to be subjected to stress resulting from actions by wind on the assembly shall be designed so that the stress due to the ULS design wind loads does not exceed the factored limit state stress of the material. The Ultimate Limit State is the maximum load carrying resistance of the window.