Wintec Systems  offer a wide range of sliding, folding and hinging door solutions for commercial and residential applications.  

The Wintec range of sliding doors caters for patio, entertainment and large living areas, with the Multi track 200 sliding door and the Summit 250 sliding door. The strength and design of the Summit sliding door allows for door heights in excess of 3 metres. All Wintec sliding doors are tested to Australian standards and are energy efficient, offering improved safety, quality, and comfort to the home owner.  

Wintec’s WINFOLD bi -folding door is suitable for heights up to 3 metres, and available in single and double glazed configurations.  

Winstorm and Triple 1 French door systems are an example of hinging door solutions from Wintec. The Winstorm French door system is a dedicated aluminium sill for the timber door frame market. The Winstorm French door system is suited for use with a timber frame with the added advantage of a built-in water drainage system.  

The Triple 1 French door systems is an extension of the Winstorm with a frame to suit door thicknesses up to 50mm, available as an out-swing or in-swing door system. Both French door systems eliminate the need for additional aftermarket door seals.