The Julia Reserve Youth Precinct in Oran Park, NSW is a state-of-the-art $14-million development designed to service the needs of the country's fastest growing urban area. The precinct includes a variety of sports fields and a multi-dimensional skate park and community centre.

Julia Community Centre, located within the precinct is a 1300sqm site with an auditorium and 190-seat Cultural Activity Room that accommodates formal and informal events, office meetings, conference groups and recreation space.

Designed by Mode Design Corp for the client, Urban Growth NSW, the $4.5 million Julia Community Centre features a broad range of Wideline products. Working with Hutchinson Builders, Wideline brought together a hardware and product schedule to support Camden Council’s vision and achieve their social impact design outcomes with a budget that worked for the community.

Multiple sections of commercial range Paragon fixed windows, rake windows and awning windows, along with entryway double French doors with advanced glazing systems were used for the external fixtures. A creative combination of laminated glass DGUs with Clear Toughened 6mm EnergyTech/ 12mm Argon/ 6mm Clear Toughened was devised in order to meet BASIX requirements and deliver best-case acoustic and thermal performance.

Internally, openable walls were incorporated in the event spaces and meeting rooms using Paragon sliding doors to maximise natural light and ventilation. The openable walls also allow additional flexibility for mixed use functions with seamless integration between internal and external spaces.

The aluminium doors and windows were finished in solid neutral Monument, using a 25-year warranty grade advanced super durable polyester thermosetting powdercoat.

The dynamic facade design by Mode Corp pays tribute to the historic site’s former attraction, Oran Park Raceway. The painted fibre cement facade treatment and a vivid pink ‘ribbon’ that wraps around the curved roofline is symbolic of the old race track’s sweeping turns and high energy events.

Photos: Guy Wilkinson Photography