Caterpillars Multi Terrain Loaders (MTL’s) are much like Cat Skid Steer Loaders with similar upper chassis, operator station, loader arms, quick coupler and many work tools but with a suspended rubber track undercarriage for lower ground pressure.

The Caterpillar C-Series Multi Terrain Loaders, available from WesTrac , comes in three models. 277C, the smallest with a rated operating capacity of 1620kg, the 287C with a rated operating capacity of 1868kg, and the largest, the 297C with a rated operating capacity of 2069kg.

All three models available from WesTrac, deliver good digging performance with drawbar power. The vertical lift design on all models delivers extended reach and lift height for quick and easy truck loading.

Single and dual level suspension options are available on all C-Series Multi Terrain Loaders. Torsion axles are used to distribute the load and absorb shocks and vibrations. They are also available with speed sensitive ride control.

At high speeds, ride control automatically engages and allows the loader arms to float acting like a shock absorber, allowing for higher operating speeds, better material retention and increased operator comfort.

The suspended undercarriage system provides better traction, flotation and the ability to working a wide range of underfoot conditions and comes in three options.

  • Performance package 1 - Single Level Suspension Undercarriage, One Speed
  • Performance package 2 - Dual Level Suspension Undercarriage, One Speed, Self Level
  • Performance package 3 - Dual Level Suspension Undercarriage, Two Speed, Self Level, Advanced machine Information and Control System (AMICS)