Weathertex has introduced a new aluminium accessory for their Weathergroove panelling range.

The popular Weathergroove panels come in some of the largest sheet sizes available in Australia (3660x1196mm), speeding up the installation of the vertically grooved panels on large buildings in comparison with traditional cladding. The currently available PVC Weathergroove joiner is being replaced by the exclusive aluminium joining system as part of continuous product improvement at Weathertex for easier installation and longevity.

Weathertex's Trimtec aluminium joiners are designed to clip onto the rebated edges of each panel, blending in perfectly with the Weathergroove sheet for a continuous panel finish.

The new Trimtec aluminium joiner is available from the 1st of March 2018 in the three Weathergroove panel sizes of 3660mm, 2745mm and 2440mm.

Trimtec aluminium joiners allow Weathergroove Natural panels to be joined off-stud, similar to the Weathergroove primed range. These accessories offer flexibility in design, and can be used as-is, painted or powder-coated. The joiners are also durable, high quality and maintenance-free.