Across the globe, public concerns over climate change and the state of the environment are at an all-time high. Buildings and building construction are among the highest contributing sectors of global waste and emissions. With population numbers rising, urgent solutions are needed from design and construction practitioners to mitigate the harm being done to the environment. One approach is to identify sustainable alternatives to concrete, brick and steel that are suitable for a wide range of building types.

'Timber futures: The benefits of timber in sustainable design and construction' explores the growing demand for sustainability in contemporary design and highlights the benefits of timber in creating long-lasting, eco-friendly buildings. We look at the environmental impact of traditional construction materials such as steel and concrete and some key developments in this space, such as the emergence of mass engineered wood which combines sustainability with enhanced structural performance. We then discuss the key benefits of building with timber and how these are relevant to the specification process. Finally, we present a range of high quality, certified sustainable timber cladding solutions ideal for today’s environmentally-conscious market.

Since 1939, Weathertex has been the cladding manufacturer preferred by builders, architects and designers all over the world. This Australian-owned company has employed over 150 local people for over half a century and offers a wide range of environmentally-certified, high quality and durable timber cladding, weatherboards and architectural panels.

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