Render tearaway bead from RenderEdge offers protective strip for rendering finished and painted surfaces such as window frames. Render tearaway come with build size 2.5mm, tearaway bead help in easy cleaning providing a setting point.

Render mesh trim offers bonding opportunity to those product surfaces which lack adhesive elements. The render mesh trim is designed for FC and polystyrene applications. Render external archway bead offers finishing point around free flowing curved radiuses and archways.

RenderEdge also offers 90 and 135 degree render external trim. The 90 degree render external trim which has rounded nib designed for FC application that requires light skim coat. The build size is 2.5 mm; larger size is restricted since it affects the structural integrity of the trim. The 135 degree render external trim from RenderEdge come with build size 2.5 millimetres is ideal for off angle corner designs.

Render expansion joints helps in achieving cosmetic movements and also allows structural movement between two surfaces. It is used for surface applications like polystyrene, brick and masonry.