Wallandra offers the capability to provide clear span warehouse designs that will maximise usable space for various industrial facilities.

Wallandra’s specialised engineers are capable of installing clear span warehouse designs that will reduce or even eliminate the need for columns in the middle of the structure. In the absence of internal columns, operating vehicles such as forklifts and other machinery can easily move freely and have optimum access to products or storage.

Ideally suited to the needs of factories and warehouses, this design approach is also applicable for sports complexes, aircraft hangars, gymnasiums, and school facilities.

TNT’s super hub situated in Erskine Park, Sydney features a clear span design with the project executed by Wallandra. A series of 1200 welded beams weighing 350kg/lm was installed to achieve the 40m spans within the 3,000m² warehouse space. This design allowed TNT to implement an advanced parcel sorting system with a capacity to process 25,000 parcels per hour.

Clear span warehouse designs are preferred in industry for their ability to future-proof both the building and the business. This design allows for changes/ ongoing optimisation of the layout, meets new business needs and serves as a more attractive investment when put on the market.