Viva Sunscreens’ Streetscape architectural umbrellas are tension membrane structures, which are designed for commercial buildings, hospitals and residential projects. Architectural umbrellas are designed in various sizes and shapes for aesthetic appeal and include a range of accessories such as lighting, heating, gutters and external blind systems. Streetscape architectural umbrellas available from Viva Sunscreens are engineered to meet the wind load requirement from cyclone-prone regions and local terrains.

The PVC canopies used as architectural umbrellas are UV resistant and waterproof. They are coated with anti-fungal PDF materials. Streetscape architectural umbrellas are typical conical with cantilevered or central columns. Such structures require a minimal number of footings and poles for erection. Streetscape Modular Systems are also tension membrane structures designed increasingly for restaurants, cafes, hotels, sporting facilities as well as residential and commercial buildings. These are pre-engineered structures providing customers with a cost saving option compared to custom built structures.

The Heatray heating and lighting systems of Viva Sunscreens’ Streetscape architectural umbrellas are capable of withstanding radiant heat. The system is designed with architectural strength and safety features, powerful electrical systems to serve public and commercial environments. The radiant panel heater is splash proof and possesses IPX5 rating approved for rain exposure.

The Marchini Cassette folding arm awning, which is also part of Viva Sunscreens’ architectural umbrella systems, is designed and manufactured using latest German technology. The cassette is ergonomically designed to shield the fabric and components from sun damage.