Vista System  recently supplied its flexible modular signage systems to Morgan Signs for installation at Spire Healthcare's private hospitals in Cardiff and Bristol, UK.  

Vista System International is a world leader in Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT).  

Spire Healthcare is a leading provider of private healthcare operating 36 private hospitals throughout the UK.  

Morgan Signs of Cardiff was employed by Spire Hospitals in Cardiff and Bristol to modernise and update their internal way-finding systems after departmental moves and new building extensions.  

Vista System supplied a range of way-finding systems to Morgan Signs for installation at the hospitals.  

Directory signage systems were used inside and outside of lifts as well as in all stairwell lobbies.  

Projected signs and door signs were installed to simplify navigation of long corridors.  

The way-finding systems provide consistency of branding and ease of navigation for users, especially around unusual hospital buildings.