Viridian New World Glass  launches the latest edition of its Architectural Glass Specifiers’ Guide.

Offering comprehensive glazing solutions to building design professionals, the 2013 Architectural Glass Specifiers’ Guide provides a broad range of information relating to glass types, sizes, properties, behaviours and configurations in Viridian’s extensive product range.

The 2013 Architectural Glass Specifiers’ Guide is recognised as a key reference point for designers, architects and specifiers on essential glazing considerations. This year’s edition features hundreds of updates to the 2012 edition, including information on the latest Viridian products as well as updated BCA compliance information, updated performance data, and recent changes in industry codes, regulations and production capabilities.

The Guide also additionally lists many of the key decisions that need to be considered in the selection of glass in facades, interiors and glazing systems.

Presented by the leading glass provider and manufacturer of float glass and hard coat performance glass products in Australia, Viridian’s Architectural Glass Specifiers’ Guide is a well-respected guide in the market.

According to Viridian’s General Manager of Marketing Lachlan Austin, the Architectural Glass Specifiers’ Guide offers a comprehensive outline of some of the best options in glass design as well as information on the latest Viridian products, including the recently launched ArtGlass, ComfortHush and AssaultGuard Ultra.”

Key features of the 2013 Architectural Glass Specifiers’ Guide: 

  • Latest product specifications
  • New product listings
  • Key knowledge and technical information
  • Updated performance comparison data
  • Updated BCA compliance information
The 2013 edition of the Viridian Architectural Glass Specifiers’ Guide can be downloaded from the Viridian website, while a print version can be obtained directly from the company.