Viridian New World Glass has been used in a redesign of a holiday home in Point Lonsdale, Victoria.

The Heiden Beach House was designed by Baenziger Coles Architects and shows the contribution that glazing can make to a building’s character.

The house used Viridian Low-E double glazing, Viridian DecorMirror Clear and DecorMirror Grey, and Viridian 12mm toughened showerscreens.

The northern facade has about 22 lineal metres of glass, with each face containing a three metre opening. Two 1500mm glazed panels were used for each, creating indoor-outdoor flow.

Glazed panels were introduced to the end walls and intersect the northern glazed wall. This allows the occupants to see from one room to the other over the entire length of the building.

With vast expanses of glazing, artificial light is not required until dusk, creating a therapeutic feeling of boundless space and lightness.

Double glazing allows the occupants to feel comfortable inside, even when it is chilly and raining outside – it keeps out the cold in winter and the heat in summer.

Inside, mirrored glass was used to give the feeling of extra space. Mirrors were used in strange and unusual locations, such as on bulkheads to create the illusion of depth. DecorMirror Clear was used in the kitchen and DecorMirror Grey was used to separate wall elements. The sliver mirrors were used in the bathroom as well as smoked mirrors for cupboard units.

The glazing contractor was Menzel Glass and Glazing with supplies from Westcoast Windows. The house was built by Heyward Constructions with Furr Consulting as the structural engineer.