DMS Glass is now known as Viridian New World Glass. This company designs and manufactures products related to glass. DMS Glass was started in 1985 by Don Mathieson. DMS Glass started with the distribution of Tamglass toughening furnace in 1989. In 1996 DMS Glass expanded to commission a fully automatic laminating line from Bottero. Further expansion through a second furnace was seen in 2000.

In 2002 DMS Glass was awarded a license from Southwall Technologies USA for producing laminated glass with high performance film. Specialised laminated products like security glass and toughened laminated products are also offered by DMS Glass. In October 2007 CSR Technologies acquired DMS Glass to form Viridian New World Glass along with Pilkington.

DMS Glass provides products made of glass. This company provides float glass, décor patterned glass, insulating glass units, laminated safety glass, toughened safety glass, toughened laminated glass, fire resistant glass, coated glass, formed glass, security glass and self cleaning glass.DMS Glass also provides mirrors and screen printed or seraphic glass.