DIY renovators, interior furnishing addicts and all interior design enthusiasts are getting ready for summer by discovering the all-new summer colour palettes available for their floors.

Interior design begins with the flooring – the colour and texture of the floor will influence the flavour and ambiance of the room. This summer, rooms can be given the hot, sultry look by selecting colours that accentuate the vibrancy of the season.

White flooring is a bold and dramatic choice to showcase the intensity of summer. White floors not only make the room seem more spacious but also offer the opportunity to choose soft furnishings and wall hangings in dramatic summer colours. The white floor will also allow the colour palette to dance in a room, especially fuchsias and exotic greens, creating a picture of summer frivolity.

The array of timber flooring hues, especially in beiges, light oak, classic neutrals and pale yellow tones can be as inviting as a secluded beach in summer. Wooden flooring adds great aesthetic appeal and an air of regal elegance. Perfect for any living or kitchen areas, the timber flooring can be complemented with lashings of blues and whites in the drapes, cushions and rugs.

Darker flooring in laminates and natural timbers can still emulate summer by adding an array of neutral tones in furniture. This will offset the darkness of the flooring, creating an inviting and warm presence.

Typical images of summer such as the beach, sand, sun and euphoria can be translated into any room with beautiful flooring by creating a relaxed ambiance synonymous with the warm season.

Keeping larger pieces of furniture in neutral shades will allow the homeowner to play around with the more intimate items in the room. Decorative pillows in shades of fire engine red and exotic blue will perfectly fit the summer aura. 

Think cool shades such as purples, browns, blues and yellow pigments to make summer come alive in any living space. Besides, these colour palettes will suit all flooring colour options. Most importantly, summer tones must be able to create a feeling of relaxation and comfort to transcend the flooring choice. 

The neutral floor should be the catalyst in creating a level of colour spontaneity and individualism that can be enjoyed all year round.

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